Saturday, November 22, 2008

How to Handle Sadness

I just want to share it.. cause sometimes I feel that I am blue without any reason, what is sadness??
Sadness is an emotion that affects everybody. Some days you just feel "blue", and it is hard to say why. Changes in mood are normal. This does not mean the sadness has no cause. Losses big and small are a part of every life and everyone has cause to feel some sadness about things in their life. Feeling sad is not necessarily something that should be resisted at all costs. We need some sadness, just like we need all our emotions. However, we can learn to manage our sad moods in order to make it less likely that they will turn into an actual depression.

Some ways of dealing with sadness that are generally positive.

* Physical exercise. Exercise releases hormones in the brain that lift your mood.
* Social support. Talking to friends or family when you are feeling down can help you feel better. Hang around people who always Compliment n cherish, you will get vibes from the happy person.
* Getting active and involved. Work or involvement with the outside world can help you forget about your sad mood. Make your self busy and you have no time to think about your sadness. (psst for me.. If i falling in to deep sadness, i will clean my bath room hahaha, playing with water and use some energy to clean it, can realease my sadness)
* Positive thinking can help counter sadness. Be gentle and encouraging with yourself. There will be a good thing in your life that can make you happy, but please don't act as a blind person, never want to see anything except your sadness only.
* Be creative: write, paint or dance or maybe just cook a nice food and lets your friend enjoy what you make.
* If you have no work to do, try to occupy your mind with something else like good music. just forget about the past and enjoy (but dont hear a sad song, it will make u worse)
* Get out into the light. Lack of sunlight can contribute to depression. Sun light can make you feel happy, believe it.
* realize the universe doesn't stay focused just on you. Others are sad too. It is something we all have to go through but, as sure as the sun rises tomorrow there is always hope
* Thank to God for everything that God gave to you
*Professional support. If your sadness is becoming a problem in your life, counseling is advisable.

On the other hand, the following responses may make sadness worse:
* Retreating into your room and avoiding people. Loneliness make you fall into deep sadness
* Thinking that the world only unfair with you
* Watching too much TV or staying on the net for hours and hours.
* Eating junk food to comfort yourself.
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